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Week 33, Juice 4: Strawberry-watermelon-jalapeno limeade

Strawberry-watermelon juice has always been a favorite of mine. It strays away from the regular ol’ juice menu (apple, grape, orange) and goes one step further, providing a flavor combination that is satisfyingly sweet and super refreshing.

I’d never once thought to kick up that combo, but Chef Brian is all about it here, tossing in fragrant, sugary peach, tart lime, and a jalapeno pepper–with the seeds–to end the juice menu on a spicy note.

Keep reading for the recipe. Continue reading Week 33, Juice 4: Strawberry-watermelon-jalapeno limeade

Easy, refreshing watermelon juice

I’m getting ready to start publishing the recipes for the Fat Dude Juice Bar, but in the meantime, here’s something else to quench the thirst.

I’ve been making a habit of keeping the fridge stocked with fresh fruit, but one thing I was unable to get through this weekend was a basketball-sized watermelon that I got for pretty cheap at the market. But, realizing that I would be unable to eat so much fruit, I decided to juice it instead.

All you have to do to make an easy watermelon juice is slice up the melon into cubes and blend with about 1/2 cup of water per full blender batch. Then, simply strain the mixture into a pitcher or other container and there you go: watermelon juice!

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