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Fat Dude does Solvang: A food and wine extravaganza

Back when I was writing for Food Frenzy, my co-blogger/homeboy Jeff traveled to exotic locales including Europe and … er, St. Louis while I sat at home and lived vicariously. I gave up travel each year, mostly for the time and expense¬† required to go to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, but that doesn’t really count — it’s more of an endurance test than an oasis of relaxation.

This year, the festival sold out in a record six days, and I was left with a week’s worth of free time to fill. I wound up in a tiny town 30 miles north of Santa¬† Barbara called Solvang — essentially “Little Denmark” — with Wifey Nadia and friends Matt, Neil and Gina.

I ate (a lot), I drank (too much) … I even fed ostriches (and some emus, too).

Follow the jump to feast your eyes on my travels through a true California gem.

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