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Real Simple magazine: Eggplant lasagna

In my continuing effort to cook most of my meals at home, I went through this month’s cooking calendar on the Real Simple magazine’s website. I put a menu together for the week and plan to link to the dishes each day, just to get back into the habit of blogging meals. This weekend I plan to pick up veggies at the Farmer’s market (SOCO Collection’s spread was incredible last Saturday) and I’ll finally knock out the remainder of the vegetarian menu.

But until then, here’s a vegetarian dish from Real Simple that I was iffy to try, but thankful I did. It’s eggplant lasagna, made with slabs of eggplant (they call for it to be broiled, but I threw mine on the grill), a simple tomato sauce and creamy, herb-spiked ricotta.

Add a side salad drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette and this is both hearty and healthy–for under 400 calories. Here’s the recipe for eggplant lasagna from Real Simple magazine.

Week 24: Sandwitches

Chef Brian’s a good thinker-aheader.

He knew that I was ready to get back in the kitchen and thoughtfully put together an easy-to-make spread of one of my favorite foods: the noble sandwich.

Two of the meals are really quick to make and the finale to the menu isn’t bad either. Three cheers for an easy week in the kitchen. Here’s the menu:

Week 24, Meal 1: Prosciutto and goat cheese sandwich with fennel-apple slaw

Week 24, Meal 2: Roasted turkey with gruyere and cornichons

Week 24, Meal 3: Grilled vegetable panini with ricotta and roasted bell pepper puree

Each recipe makes two servings. Continue reading for the shopping list.

Continue reading Week 24: Sandwitches

Week 17, Meal 1: I suck at making pizza

I knew there was a reason I always ordered pizza from Rubinos. It’s because making pizza at home, if you have no prior experience working with dough, can be one of the most frustrating kitchen experiences you can have.

Where did all that flour I just put on the counter go? Why is this ball stickier now than it was before I added the flour? What is going on here?!

The worst part? I have two more pizza recipes to get through. I’m either going to screw ’em up, or go pro by the end of the week.

But first, check out how bad I screwed up Week 17, Meal 1: Fresh tomato, ricotta, Parmesan and arugula pizza after the jump.

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Week 14, Meal 3: Simple and perfect spaghetti and meatballs

Few words can describe the beauty of homemade spaghetti and meatballs as well as “simple” and “perfect.”

Though Chef Brian’s light and fruity pomodoro sauce has a handful of ingredients, the time-tested combination of carrot, onion, celery, rosemary and thyme is aromatic enough to make your head spin.

His turkey meatballs follow suit, pairing the same herbs with a couple of cheeses, egg and a whole lotta lean turkey.

Rounding out our week of making romantic meals by cooking with aphrodisiacs, here’s one inspired by “Lady and the Tramp.” It’s Week 14, Meal 3: Whole wheat spaghetti Pomodoro with turkey meatballs and shaved Parmesan. Continue reading Week 14, Meal 3: Simple and perfect spaghetti and meatballs

Week 11, Meal 3: Orecchiette with lamb ragu and ricotta cheese

While Week 11 was all about pasta, really, this meal could do without.

Just ask Wifey Nadia and our guests Jamil and Justine, who, after having a bowl of Week 11, Meal 3: Orecchiette with lamb ragu and ricotta cheese, all grabbed seconds to spoon-gorge on the clove-and-mint spiked, lamb-packed sauce. Continue reading Week 11, Meal 3: Orecchiette with lamb ragu and ricotta cheese

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