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Week 33, Juice 4: Strawberry-watermelon-jalapeno limeade

Strawberry-watermelon juice has always been a favorite of mine. It strays away from the regular ol’ juice menu (apple, grape, orange) and goes one step further, providing a flavor combination that is satisfyingly sweet and super refreshing.

I’d never once thought to kick up that combo, but Chef Brian is all about it here, tossing in fragrant, sugary peach, tart lime, and a jalapeno pepper–with the seeds–to end the juice menu on a spicy note.

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Week 33, Juice 3: The Sweet-Tart

Here goes, Juice 3. Nadia thought it was too sour still, but if  you love grapefruit like I do, this is the one for you.

There’s a pound of strawberries and a spot of honey in the mix to provide some sugar, but it’s needed to counteract so much beautiful tartness. A bunch of kale turns everything a mucky brown, but it adds more to the nutritional scorecard than flavor on this outing.

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Week 31, Meal 1: Health food soup

Excuse the lack of a “finished product” shot for this post, but I went three days in a row to freakin’ Sprouts for a loaf of French bread and they were sold out each time so we just ended up chipping away at this one until there was nothing left.

For the first meal of Week 31: Souper soups, Chef Brian is going Italian, throwing a whole bunch of healthy ingredients and good-for-you spices into a pot (kale, turkey, lentils, fennel, paprika) and serving  it up piping hot. It probably would have been good with the parmesan bread on the side, but at  least I saved a couple of carbs.

Prep is fairly simple and if you want to turn this one out fast, you can use store-bought Italian turkey sausage like I did. But we’ve also included Chef Brian’s Italian turkey sausage recipe in the post in case you have the time. I didn’t when I was able to cook this particular time, but I’m going  to come up with a different way to use the recipe just so I can try it.

Here’s Week 31, Meal 1: Italian turkey sausage, kale, lentil and tomato soup with parmesan croutons.

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Week 19, Meal 2: (Indian) wedding soup

I’ve had this curious case of the sniffles for the last week — a reprisal of the yuckies that sidelined me a few weeks back — and it threw off my kitchen game last week.

The whole time I was cooking Week 19, Meal 2: Indian spiced lamb meatball soup with kaboucha squash, kale and wild rice I ran into problems. I couldn’t smell if the spices had toasted enough or taste if the dish had enough salt.

I planned to package the soup up for the following day, but there was a little miscommunication in the kitchen and we ended up leaving the soup out overnight in our comfortably warm condo.

I wasn’t so keen on trying it the next day as the cold hadn’t subsided (it still isn’t gone) and I wasn’t willing to test the boundaries of food poisoning.

So here goes the soup that never was. Continue reading Week 19, Meal 2: (Indian) wedding soup

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