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Game Day Grub: Baked chicken wings and homemade ranch


NFL playoffs are in full swing so it’s been hard to avoid a nonstop run of commercials with all the best-worst foods like burgers, pizza and chicken wings.

Of all the cookbooks I’ve read, the best resource for bar-food made healthy is Men’s Health series of “Cook This, Not That” books.

So instead of going out for these greasy goodies I turned to the handy little guides for burgers and Buffalo wings.

I’ll put up the burger later this week, but I’m more excited for the wings. The sauce is equal parts hot sauce and butter, plus a fair amount of fresh lemon juice for an acidic zip. Tip: If you run out of fresh lemon, as I did when I used this recipe again on chicken legs, throw in half the amount of white vinegar instead.


They pair it a Greek yogurt-based blue cheese dip, but we went with a healthy homemade ranch dressing (equal parts olive-oil mayo and Greek yogurt with onion powder, garlic powder and fresh parsley and chive). That recipe is also from the books, but a different one than the wings recipe is in.

Click here for the Cook This, Not That Buffalo chicken wings recipe.

Week 28, Meal 3: Bayou scrimp

We’ll wrap up Week 28: Southern Comfort with a Louisiana favorite, a wonderful bowl of gumbo.

Now, I’ve had darker, thicker versions–butter and flour loaded stews of seafood and pork  that soothe the soul and fill you up. Chef Brian’s Fat Dude version preserves all of the great flavors of this Southern staple but lightens it way up so it’s easier on the waistline.

Here’s Week 28, Meal 3: Shrimp gumbo. Continue reading Week 28, Meal 3: Bayou scrimp

Week 15, Meal 3: “Fried” chicken with collard greens and ham hock

Part of the hesitation to do fried chicken on the blog was because, well, let’s face it, have you ever had oven-baked fried chicken better than the fried version?

There’s just something about buttermilk-soaked, double-breaded chicken going from drab to fab in a vat of hot oil that I never thought could be beat.

Before starting this blog, deep-fry oil and cheese were two staples of my not-so-nutritional nutrition plan. But after several weeks of eating Chef Brian’s dishes – most prepared with only 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of oil per serving – I just can’t eat oily foods like I used to.

That’s where Week 15, Meal 3: “Fried” chicken with collard greens and ham hock comes in handy.

I’ve had plenty of “oven-fried” chicken before, Shake ‘n’ Bake and homespun versions, but nothing has come close to matching the explosive flavor or undeniable crunch of Chef Brian’s baked goods. Continue reading Week 15, Meal 3: “Fried” chicken with collard greens and ham hock

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