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Week 28, Meal 3: Bayou scrimp

We’ll wrap up Week 28: Southern Comfort with a Louisiana favorite, a wonderful bowl of gumbo.

Now, I’ve had darker, thicker versions–butter and flour loaded stews of seafood and porkĀ  that soothe the soul and fill you up. Chef Brian’s Fat Dude version preserves all of the great flavors of this Southern staple but lightens it way up so it’s easier on the waistline.

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Week 25, Meal 1: Pudding! Peppers!! Pork!!!

I was intimidated going into the kitchen for Week 25, Meal 1: Marinated pork loin over jalapeno corn pudding and sauteed peppers with smoky ancho sauce.

Because there were four components, I knew this meal would be a test of my organizational skills, focus, kitchen timing, cooking methods … well, you get the picture. This was a test, but one that I was ready to face head on.

The hard work and preparation paid off — this dish is killer. The juicy, spiced pork complements the sweet corn — the definite star of the show — and the smoky, peppery sauce drizzled on top ties together so many complementing flavors.

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Week 4, Meal 3: Huevos Rancheros

I’ve gone through many highs and lows in the kitchen in the four weeks since this blog’s inception.

I think back to night one when I spent nearly four hours getting the hang of prep work, cook times, burner sensitivity, etc. That was a frustrating day which made me question the stupidity of launching a blog where cooking nightly is mandatory.

I remember Week 3’s Chilean sea bass and the triumph I felt with each buttery bite of fish, each sweet sip of tomato. Putting together Week 4, Meal 3: Huevos Rancheros gave me that same great feeling.

It’s the first time I’ve made any Mexican dish at home that isn’t a quesadilla or doesn’t have this stuff in it. Legit Mexican at home — another notch in my kitchen’s belt.

Speaking of highs and lows, only a handful of times in these four weeks have I not wanted to cook — last night being one of them — but as always my loving wife made me put down the Call of Duty, get my ass of the couch and get to work.

And it’s always worth it in the end. Both in taste, and on my waistline.

Now let’s cook some huevos y’all. Continue reading Week 4, Meal 3: Huevos Rancheros

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