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Week 33, Juice 1: The Green-Apple

This was my first official “juice” so first, a few thoughts: I don’t know if it’s odd or not, but one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is cut fruits and vegetables. It’s calming to me, so, upfront, I really enjoy this aspect of making juice. Also, it’s pretty crazy to see how much stuff goes into the machine compared to how much comes out the other side, but it’s a good thing when you think about it: how else could I get this many fruits and veggies in one sitting?

And I picked a good juice from the menu to start with. I was apprehensive of this whole ginger-in-my-juice thing, but there’s so much pineapple in here that the end result of this mix is a sweet start with just a hint of all the great green stuff hiding within.

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