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Professor Dave’s “Pasta From Scratch” class

In putting together this post, I’m actually surprised it’s taken me so long to write about Dave Lieberman, one of the most knowledgeable food writers–if not the most knowledgable–in Orange County.

I don’t remember when we became friends or why (likely food related), but at the launch of this blog nearly a year ago, he became my farmers market guru, leading me through rows of unfamiliar fruits and veggies at the Irvine Farmers Market. What’s a dandelion green? Well, it’s something that tastes great with warm bacon and mustard vinegrette, he says. If the peaches aren’t at the peak of their season yet, even just by a couple of weeks, the dude can tell on taste alone. And he’ll wait the extra week to buy them, no matter how good they might look.

In the overall transition from fast food junkie to Fat Dude on a Diet, Dave has taught me the importance of understanding where food comes from and how best to use it. He’s also become a great personal friend; Wifey Nadia and I love spending time with him and his fantastic family.

With all that said, you know I couldn’t miss the chance to learn one of the most basic-yet-integral skills in all of Kitchendom–the simple art of making pasta from scratch.

Learn to do it like the pros after the jump.   Continue reading Professor Dave’s “Pasta From Scratch” class

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