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Week 23, Meal 3: Big-ass-crouton salad

Back a couple of years ago Chef Brian gave his family and friends a cookbook for Christmas.

I never could nail the waffle recipe, and the list of panini suggestions have proved useful time and time again, but it was always one recipe, “panzanella bread salad” that stood out the most.

With all of my curiosity, I never actually made the meal. Luckily, Chef was smart enough to include a panzanella salad in one of our Fat Dude dishes, which has really opened up my eyes to the awesomeness of big-ass croutons.

Here’s Week 23, Meal 3: Grilled branzino over spring panzanella with lemon-tarragon vinaigrette. Continue reading Week 23, Meal 3: Big-ass-crouton salad

Week 20, Meal 1: French aromatherapy

Of the three meals on the menu for Week 20, I was most excited for Week 20, Meal 1: Bouillbaisse with crouton and garlicky yogurt rouille.

There’s something about making French food that makes me feel more distinguished as a home cook. Maybe because for many chefs, French cuisine is the starter to learning classic techniques and the fundamental lesson that simple really is better.

That we’ve never much cooked with seafood on the blog (saveĀ  for fish and shrimp) or made much broth (except that awesome oxtail broth for the pho), this meal provided a new challenge that I knew would have a bigĀ  payoff at the end. Continue reading Week 20, Meal 1: French aromatherapy

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