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Chef Brian’s tri-tip chili

I was running low on grocery money this week so I chose to skip Week 29: Salads that don’t suck and instead bought meals I could stretch into many portions like pasta and polenta.

This was the most expensive dish I made all week, but I got five portions  out of it, and I split the provided recipe in half.

A little background, since tri-tip chili with bacon fat in it isn’t really what we do around here (though it should be, every week, lol): I recently needed a big bowl of chili for a work lunch and turned to Chef Brian for a killer recipe.

All I told him was that it had to have tri-tip in it, and you work your magic from there.

The chili didn’t take a lot of effort to make and turned out absolutely delicious. So delicious that I decided to make it again, and this time, I wrote about it.

Keep reading for the recipe and instructions. Continue reading Chef Brian’s tri-tip chili

Week 9, Meal 1: Ground turkey and black bean chili


I’m digging the idea of using the slow cooker this week for my meals, but it’s a little bit of give and take.

On one hand, the meal is ready when I get home — not to mention the house smells great when I arrive — but it’s not easy prepping for a Crock Pot meal when you’re on a time crunch.

I was able to get through Week 9, Meal 1: Ground turkey and black bean chili and I enjoyed a well-spiced chili that was great on another cold winter night. Continue reading Week 9, Meal 1: Ground turkey and black bean chili

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