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Week 33: Fat Dude Juice Bar

We’ve cooked more than 90 healthy plates, but we’ve yet to craft a liquid lunch. Smoothies and juices are a great meal accompaniment, substitute or snack, but the stuff I mix up at home is pretty basic. For our next menu, Chef Brian has put together some crazy combinations that I’m pretty excited to try out.

We’ll reveal the combinations now, but we’ll post the amount of each ingredient as we publish each post. Here’s what we’re working with:

Juice 1: Apple, cucumber, carrot, celery, spinach, parsley, ginger, pineapple, lemon

Juice 2: Red beet, orange, carrot, fennel, spinach, mint

Juice 3: Watermelon, strawberry, peach, kale, lime, fresno chile

Juice 4: Grapefruit, strawberry, honey, ginger, kale, mint

Smoothie 1: Pomegranate, pineapple, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, kale, protein powder

Smoothie 2: Coconut water, rice milk, mango, banana, lime, protein powder

Week 31: Souper soups

Soup is one of the best  options for a healthy lifestyle. You have to be careful of the amount of sodium in canned soups, but for a nutritional punch, soup is where it’s at, especially if it’s made at home.

For his “Souper Soups” menu, Chef Brian is using stuff you typically don’t find in a can including a bunch of fresh kale  and a heaping mound of sweet crab. Here’s the menu:

Week 31, Meal 1: Italian turkey sausage, kale, lentil and tomato soup with parmesan croutons

Week 31, Meal 2: Shellfish and tomato soup with grilled baguette

Week 32, Meal 3: Salsa verde soup with queso fresco and light sour cream

Each recipe makes about 4 servings and, other than the shellfish soup, the recipes will keep well in the fridge for a few days. Follow the link for the shopping list. Continue reading Week 31: Souper soups

Menu 30: Veggin’ out

I’m back in the kitchen this week after a long time away from Chef Brian’s menus, and while I have been cooking blog repeats and simple meals at home, I’m definitely glad to be back in the Fat Dude kitchen.

Chef Brian wrote this menu some time ago, meant as a way to get me back into healthy eating after I let my waistline go to hell for the last couple of months of 2011.

But, as it turns out, I don’t need a kick start because I’ve been hitting the gym since the beginning of the year. And now that I have an exercise routine down, it’s time to get the knives out once again. Here’s what’s cooking for Menu 30: Veggin’ out:

Week 30, Meal 1: Black bean and spinach enchiladas verde

Week 30, Meal 2: Veggie-tofu stir fry with umeboshi plum vinegar soy sauce

Week 30, Meal 3: Vegetarian paella

As always, each recipe makes 2 servings, though you might have some leftovers with these recipes. But when has that ever been a bad thing? Follow the link the shopping list. Continue reading Menu 30: Veggin’ out

Correction … salads still suck, and a book report to come

The headline’s a joke, really not really … I don’t think salads suck anymore, but I am over them and ready to move on.

I hope to eventually cook both meals I skipped from the Week 29: Salads that don’t suck menu, but in the spirit of progress, I’m going to cook Chef Brian’s Week 30 menu this week. I’ll start posting it next week.

If you want to check out the delicious one I did cook, just follow the link for Week 29, Meal 1: Glazed salmon over spinach salad with mango, avocado and coconut-peanut dressing.

I’ll also have a review of a book that has been essential in my weight loss journey. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Another diet and exercise update: I didn’t want to record my weight this month because I didn’t want the added pressure. After getting back from Mexico and running face-first through the holidays I was 241 lbs (with clothes on at a doctor’s appointment on Dec. 29).

My friend Matty visited for five days after that and we didn’t eat too bad, but we definitely did not eat great. Jan. 3, the day he left, was the day I decided to stop passively failing and start actively accomplishing my goals. I was 239.9. On Friday when I weighed myself I was 233.2. I’m not going to weigh myself again until Feb. 1.

That being said, yesterday was not a day that helped any, lol. I had pizza (3 slices, Digiorno at a party) and ice cream. Also, In-N-Out (cheeseburger, not a double, no spread, but a whole order of fries). Today I will not have any of those things. I didn’t hit the gym yesterday because of knee pain and I’m going to take it easy today too. But instead of a Tuesday/Thursday gym schedule for the week, I’ll switch to Monday/Wednesday/Friday to make up for one of the lost days. I’m not going to exercise if it hurts, because I want to maintain long-term fitness and not burn out or injure myself in the short-term.

And though I’m taking a couple days off, I know physical activity is becoming habit now. Starting the first week of February, I plan to add weight training to the regimen. More on that later …

Week 29: Salads that don’t suck

Back in November 2010 when I started this blog, I facetiously wrote that this was for “people who hate the gym and think salads suck.”

It’s been a year now, and while I’m still struggling with that whole gym thing, I will readily admit that salads don’t suck. A year ago, my vegetable intake seriously consisted mostly of french fries and grilled onions. (I just asked Wifey Nadia and she couldn’t think of anything past those two either.)

In that spirit, I asked Chef Brian to whip up a menu of “salads that don’t suck.” I’ve known for some time that Brian is a salad machine, but surprisingly, he said that this menu stumped him a little because he’s turned a lot of his favorite salad combinations into dinner entrees for this supposed salad hater.

But here we are, and here’s the menu:

Week 29, Meal 1: Glazed salmon over spinach salad with mango, avocado and coconut-peanut dressing

Week 29, Meal 2: Smoked paprika dusted chicken “milanese” with mixed greens, manchego, dried cherries, pine nuts and orange-sherry vinaigrette

Week 29, Meal 3: Grilled chicken tossed in pistachio and herb salsa verde over arugula salad with roasted beets, goat cheese and lemon vinaigrette

As always, each recipe makes two servings. Follow the jump for the shopping list. Continue reading Week 29: Salads that don’t suck

Week 28: Southern comfort

It feels good to put that headline up. I’m so glad to be back in the kitchen. When last we cooked, we were enjoying dishes from Thailand, but for Week 28, it’s back to the States for some healthy Southern fare.

It’s a cuisine familiar to Chef Brian who worked for some time at the (now closed) second coming of Commander’s Palace, a Vegas version of New Orleans joint that’s been around since 1880 (Emeril cooked there too says the Wiki machine–bam!).

“I love me some Southern food,” Chef Brian wrote when he sent over the recipes. “I probably put on about 15 pounds working at Commander’s Palace because I ate so much there.”

He said he wanted to put a healthy twist on some of his favorites. Here’s what’s cooking:

Week 28, Meal 1: Blackened chicken over black eyed peas, kale and ham hock

Week 28, Meal 2: Shrimp and grits

Week 28, Meal 3: Shrimp gumbo

Each recipe makes two servings unless otherwise specified (like with the gumbo, which makes four). To the list! Continue reading Week 28: Southern comfort

Week 27: Thai-m for Thai

Chef Brian’s put out quite a few ethnic menus in the past–Italian, Mexican and Vietnamese dishes come to mind most–but one country he’s left alone until now  is Thailand.

“It kinda surprises me that I haven’t done any Thai menus considering I love it so much, but now is as good a time as any,” he wrote to me.

True, this blog was born at a Thai restaurant–in many people’s opinions one of the best, if not the best in the country–yet we’ve failed to bring some of  those flavors into the Fat Dude kitchen.

No longer. Here’s what’s cooking:

Week 27, Meal 1: Shrimp green curry

Week 27, Meal 2: Tom Kha Gai

Week 27, Meal 3: Grilled catfish with Thai tamarind-chile sauce over cabbage slaw

The seafood recipes make two portions and the Tom Kha Gai soup recipe makes four portions. Follow the jump for the shopping list. Continue reading Week 27: Thai-m for Thai

Week 26: BFD2

I live in a world where my wife thinks it’s crazy to eat breakfast — my favorite meal of the day — for dinner.

So, take it from me, it’s a big-f’n-deal when I get some BfD. It’s an even bigger deal when Chef Brian is in charge of the menu because he’s just as good at making yummy morning fare as he is at crafting dressed-up dinners.

Here’s what’s cookin’:

Week 26, Meal 1: Orange-ricotta pancakes with honey-pistachio yogurt

Week 26, Meal 2: Parmesan polenta topped with asparagus, leek and poached eggs with prosciutto, tomato and basil salsa

Week 26, Meal 3: Turkey pastrami hash and eggs

As always, each recipe makes two portions. Follow the jump for the shopping list. Continue reading Week 26: BFD2

Week 25: Mad Fresh Mex

We’re almost halfway through one year of recipes — this being Week 25 and all — but by the look of this menu, my midterm exam has arrived a week early.

Chef Brian’s “Fresh Mex” menu has a long list of ingredients and I’m a bit intimidated by a lot of prep and a lot of cooking going on at once, but after an easy week of making sandwiches I’m ready to jump into the mix in a big way. Here’s what’s cooking, amigos.

Week 25, Meal 1: Marinated pork loin over jalapeno corn pudding, sauteed peppers, smoky ancho sauce

Week 25, Meal 2: Coriander and garlic marinated tuna over corn and black bean salsa, avocado puree, and lime sour cream

Week 25, Meal 3: Chicken tacos with avocado puree, lime sour cream, and grilled corn-jicama salsa

Each recipe makes two servings. Continue reading for the shopping list.

Continue reading Week 25: Mad Fresh Mex

Week 24: Sandwitches

Chef Brian’s a good thinker-aheader.

He knew that I was ready to get back in the kitchen and thoughtfully put together an easy-to-make spread of one of my favorite foods: the noble sandwich.

Two of the meals are really quick to make and the finale to the menu isn’t bad either. Three cheers for an easy week in the kitchen. Here’s the menu:

Week 24, Meal 1: Prosciutto and goat cheese sandwich with fennel-apple slaw

Week 24, Meal 2: Roasted turkey with gruyere and cornichons

Week 24, Meal 3: Grilled vegetable panini with ricotta and roasted bell pepper puree

Each recipe makes two servings. Continue reading for the shopping list.

Continue reading Week 24: Sandwitches

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