Week 32, Meal 3: Fourth-place fish

Every once in a while I have a bad day in the kitchen. I went 75 recipes without cutting myself, and then one week I sliced up my hands pretty good three times: once with a knife to the tip of my finger, once on my food processor blade in the dishwasher and once on […]

Enfrijoladas locas!!!

My buddy Dave introduced me to enfrijoladas recently at a Santa Ana restaurant called Potzol den Cano and I have a continual craving for this dish, which is essentially enchiladas, but with bean sauce. It’s possibly the best way to use beans ever. Wifey Nadia hates enchiladas because she’s not down with the red sauce […]

Week 32, Meal 2: Sweet and sour chicken

Chef Brian’s pretty awesome at “magic tricks,” or at least that’s what I call them. Every once in a while, he’ll introduce a new technique to me that blows my mind. Some of my favorite tricks of his include corn pudding and salsa verde broth; Week 32, Meal 2: Italian Sweet and Sour chicken over sauteed […]

Week 32, Meal 1: Fall harvest

One of the most rewarding parts of writing this blog is getting to turn Chef Brian’s recipes–which I never get to actually see before I cook them–into a very tasty reality. The first dish of the “Killer Kale” menu is a shining example of that. Week 32, Meal 1: Honey-sherry marinated chicken over roasted butternut squash, […]

Week 32: Killer kale

Off the top of my head, I can come up with a shortlist of foods we should all have regularly: blueberries, almonds, green tea, dark chocolate, salmon and … kale. I hardly ever ate it before, but the leafy green has been used a few times here on Fat Dude. Full of vitamins and minerals, […]

Week 31, Meal 3: The fiesta bowl

When I first started this blog, cooking was one of the worst ‘chores’ I had to do. I always felt like it was such a pain in the ass to cook my own meals everyday, so instead, I would hit the drive-thru. It’s hard sometimes not to get bored or tired of cooking at home–I […]

Week 31, Meal 2: Sea soup

I’m a Bay Area boy, so you know I love my seafood. Some of my earliest memories are spending time with family, shoveling clam chowder into my mouth from a mountainous bowl made of bread. The second soup of our trio isn’t a creamy soup like my old favorite, but the smokey shrimp broth (which […]

Week 31, Meal 1: Health food soup

Excuse the lack of a “finished product” shot for this post, but I went three days in a row to freakin’ Sprouts for a loaf of French bread and they were sold out each time so we just ended up chipping away at this one until there was nothing left. For the first meal of […]

Nadia’s Mom’s taco spaghetti sauce: A twist on two old favorites

As you’ve noticed by now, I’m the cook in my house. But that’s not to say my lovely Wifey Nadia has nothing to bring to the (dinner) table.She makes the most perfect bacon, can whip up a mean hummus and is a damn fine baker. She is also an excellent sous chef. Another wonderful thing […]

Week 30, Meal 3: Mixed veggies

Chef Brian gave me the option of using bomba rice or jasmine rice for Week 3, Meal 3: Vegetarian paella, but I really wanted the bomba to keep this as authentic as possible. Lucky for me, Dave was willing to take me on  a whim to La Espanola Meats in Harbor City to pick up […]

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