Week 20, Meal 1: French aromatherapy

Of the three meals on the menu for Week 20, I was most excited for Week 20, Meal 1: Bouillbaisse with crouton and garlicky yogurt rouille. There’s something about making French food that makes me feel more distinguished as a home cook. Maybe because for many chefs, French cuisine is the starter to learning classic […]

Week 20: Two soups and a sangwich

Chef Brian’s been wanting a couple new soup recipes on the blog in recent weeks but the weather has been too warm to really justify it, he said. But now that the hotter, tail-end of winter has  subsided and spring is  in full swing, there are some lighter spring and summer soups that he thought […]

Compliments to the chef

This has been a good week for Fat Dude On A Diet. The brutal plateau I’ve been battling seems to be in retreat and the 220s and even the 210s don’t seem too far away on the scale any more. I’ve re-focused my eating  habits and made it a point to walk as much, and […]

Week 19, Meal 3: Ja-makin’ me hungry for tacos

I have this habit of trying to feed my co-workers little bites of whatever is on the menu that day just to see how other people like Chef Brian’s food. They’re usually stoked on whatever is cooking that day, but in the case of Week 19, Meal 3: Jerk chicken meatball taco with cabbage and […]

Week 19, Meal 2: (Indian) wedding soup

I’ve had this curious case of the sniffles for the last week — a reprisal of the yuckies that sidelined me a few weeks back — and it threw off my kitchen game last week. The whole time I was cooking Week 19, Meal 2: Indian spiced lamb meatball soup with kaboucha squash, kale and […]

Week 19, Meal 1: Pork ‘n’ slaw

If I’m eating pork ‘n’ slaw, it’s usually pulled pork and coleslaw, with a big ol’ hunk of cornbread to sop up the sauce and juice on the bottom of the plate. For the first time, those words take on another meaning, with Week 19, Meal 1: Vietnamese pork meatball lettuce wrap with carrot and […]

Week 19: Meatball mania

Here at Fat Dude, Chef Brian has been in the kitchen coming up with ways to break the plateau. We thought low-carb eating might do the trick, and we already started with with Week 18: No-noodles Italian. We’re back for more carb-lite adventures — this week doing meatballs three ways: In a lettuce wrap, in […]

Weight loss rollercoaster

I was nervous that my vacation in Solvang would inflate my weight past the 241 lbs. I carried on my pre-vacation weigh-in, but I stepped on the scale this morning, kept my eyes shut tight, and then reluctantly looked down to find a pleasant number staring back at me. It’s just a reminder that weight […]

Fat Dude does Solvang: A food and wine extravaganza

Back when I was writing for Food Frenzy, my co-blogger/homeboy Jeff traveled to exotic locales including Europe and … er, St. Louis while I sat at home and lived vicariously. I gave up travel each year, mostly for the time and expense  required to go to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, but that doesn’t […]

Week 18, Meal 3: The chicken and the egg

I don’t know which came first, the chicken or the egg — I just know they both taste great together, especially with a little mound of crispy prosciutto piled on top. For our finale to No-noodles Italian week, Chef Brian uses his powers of telepathy to read my mind and craft the perfect menu out […]

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