Week 18: No-noodles Italian

Back before Pizza Week took me like a million days to get through, Chef Brian and I had talked about ways to switch up the food I was eating, as a way to push past the plateau that I was am stuck on. His first thought was to go low-carb for a week, just to […]

Week 17, Meal 3: Western slice

If I’m ordering pizza, chances are it’s not going to be BBQ chicken pizza. It’s nothing against BBQ chicken, it’s just that Canadian bacon tastes better. But for one night only, I indulged in Chef Brian’s Week 17, Meal 3: BBQ chicken pizza, made with the leftover no-sugar, no-fat BBQ sauce from a few weeks […]

Week 17, Meal 2: Pear … pizza?

I know how Chef Brian does it – he’s a chef, duh – but it’s still always surprising to me when the weirdest sounding meal on the menu turns out to be fantastic. Such was my luck with Week 17, Meal 2: Caramelized pear, fontina, prosciutto and arugula pizza. And if you’re wondering about yesterday’s […]

Week 17, Meal 1: I suck at making pizza

I knew there was a reason I always ordered pizza from Rubinos. It’s because making pizza at home, if you have no prior experience working with dough, can be one of the most frustrating kitchen experiences you can have. Where did all that flour I just put on the counter go? Why is this ball […]

A move in the right direction

I have a lot to say, but I feel like I’d be complaining way too much while simultaneously burying my own shortcomings in the lede. These last couple of weeks at work have been a roller coaster and you can read more about that here if you would like. Blogwise, I’m working on getting back […]

DIY: Fat Dude pizza dough

I thought of putting the instructions for our pizza dough at the top of Week 17, Meal 1 (coming Wednesday), but after making the dough, I had enough pictures and step-by-step instructions that I figured it deserved its own post. I’m not sure if we’ll do pizza on the blog again — though if it […]

Week 17: Pizza party!

Aside from doing burgers on the blog, cooking up healthy pizza has been something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Chef Brian took a few stabs at perfecting the dough, and about a week ago he emphatically called me to let me know he nailed it. I was looking forward to preparing […]

Short steps, long leaps

Last week I used this space to complain about myself. This week I’m less whiny because while I know there’s still a long road ahead, I made some changes to put me back on the path to victory. In no particular order, the good habits I reestablished include: drinking lots of water, eating multiple times […]

Week 16, Meal 3: Turkey gyro, the diet hero

I’m married to a Jordanian/Russian who is mostly in touch with her Middle Eastern roots, so it’s safe to say I know my way around some pita bread by this point. And while I’m usually smothering it in hummus, then cramming as much grilled meat into the bread as possible, Chef Brian has me going […]

Week 16, Meal 2: Super salmon bowl

I love Fat Dude cooking nights where I come away from the kitchen feeling like I put together something that people would pay big bucks for at a fancy restaurant. Week 16, Meal 2: Fennel Crusted salmon over braised fennel, onion, and carrot with roasted fingerlings is one of those dishes. Though it didn’t take […]

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