Ready for the week!


I always aim to have food ready for the week, but I usually end up taking all day making multiple dishes and stack up the fridge with huge Pyrex containers that I have to repackage from anyway.

In the effort to tighten up kitchen efficiency, I’ve been trying to perfect my strategy for many weeks, and today it feels like it came together for the first time.

I had a good list at the farmers market and was speedy at Sprouts and Trader Joe’s too. When it came time to cook, I put a bunch of meat on the grill and followed that up with some veggies.

I picked up an extra set of glass containers at Costco so I could cook a bunch of stuff and package it so it’s ready to go all week. Here’s what I packaged for lunches and dinners:

-Garlic marinated shirt steak with baby Yukon gold potatoes

-Chicken marinated in whole grain mustard, honey, smoked paprika and herbs de Provance with green beans

-Oregano and parsley pork chop with oregano-butter grilled carrot

-Soy sauce chicken breast with grilled bok choy

-Chicken soup with shrimp dumplings, bok choy, cabbage, garlic, onion, Fresno chile and shitake mushroom

It’s gonna be a good week!

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