Moving and shaking. Cooking and grubbing.


There’s one more week to go before the first 90 days of full throttle weight-loss work winds down. I was hoping to post more of a loss this week, but I walked about 15 miles this week and did boxing twice, so I really think I was okay on the exercise.

I did have a beer, a shot, a chocolate chip cookie and a small froyo (with almonds) on various days throughout the week, so next week I’ll cut all that stuff out before I post the next “Fat Dude Report Card” next week.

Nothing much to report. Just moving and shaking. Cooking and grubbing.

As for the scale: Last week I weighed 224.9 lbs. Today, I weigh 224.2 lbs.; a one-week loss of .7 lbs.

I was at my heaviest weight, 267 lbs., in August 2009. That’s a total loss of 42.8 lbs.

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