Stuck in the awkwards


It’s the best-worst problem to have when you’re losing weight and currently I’m wallowing in the thick of it.

Yesterday was the third time since beginning this weight-loss plan that I’ve given away clothes for donation. It stings as much as it is liberating to see those first XXL shirts, and now many XL shirts, heading out the door. But it’s hard to get rid of your favorite clothes, even if they don’t fit anymore.

I’ve donated over half my closet so far, but I’m slowly replenishing my wardrobe as I go. All of my size-42″ jeans are out of the house and I have a lone pair of 40’s hanging around for my eventual transition to 38″s. Those are already in my closet with the tag still on them, courtesy of the last time I said I would fit into 38″s but never managed.

I want to buy more now, but I know this is a waypoint to smaller sizes and a bigger selection of clothes to choose from. I have two shirts in my closet that I’m calling my “215 shirts” because I’m pretty sure I’ll fit into them when I drop another 10 lbs. Then I’ll pick up some “205 shirts” for motivation again. 

Until then, I’m stuck in the awkwards. XL’s vary from brand to brand, so half of my wardrobe fits right and the rest is kinda baggy and floopy. And then there’s that XXL Slim Fit Calvin Klein shirt I’ve been wanting to wear, but I’m still not slim enough in the tummy for it (almost though). I’m starting to hate the shirt anyway, as it mocks me from the closet with it’s ridiculous “XXL SLIM FIT” size. SERIOUSLY HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? What XXL dudes do you know that wear slim fits? Certainly not this one. By the time I’m ready to fit into the shirt, I’ll likely want to burn it out of spite instead.

Breathe. Remind myself:

“This is only a waypoint.”

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