To lose weight, establish a new normal


Sometimes weight loss can be such a rollercoaster of gains and losses, elation and frustration.

Today, though, is a good day.

My weigh-in today represents a new low for this blog (the previous low was 226.4 lbs.) and is the lowest I have weighed in about 10 years, which is the last time I actively tried to lose weight. I did then, going from 239 lbs. to 202 lbs., but over the course of a couple years after, I ballooned even higher to 267.

The scariest thing about that was when I realized I was only 30 lbs. away from 300 lbs. Now I’m less than 30 lbs. away from 200 lbs. and I couldn’t be more happy that the consistent, daily effort I’ve put in since January is actually paying off. I set a goal of hitting 220 lbs. by the end of March and I’m on my way to making it.

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the last couple days, wondering how I got here and why I failed so many times before. The best way to sum it up is that to earn weight loss you must establish a new normal. My daily calorie allowance is in the ballpark of 1,500 calories. I try to walk at least 5 times a week, and I don’t count that as exercise if I can also make it to the gym that day. Basically, weaving healthy habits and actions into the weight-loss plan, and adopting those ideas as a part of your everyday life seems to be the only way that weight loss does not seem like a burdensome chore.

There’s been several times that I’ve established a new normal only to give it all back because I fall into old ways. That’s where consistency, desire and will power come into play: How much do you want this, and how much will you sacrifice to get there?

I want this more than I ever have. Cheers to the new normal–and a new low.

As for the scale: Last week I weighed 227 lbs. Today, I weigh 224.9 lbs.; a one-week loss of 2.1 lbs.

I was at my heaviest weight, 267 lbs., in August 2009. That’s a total loss of 42.1 lbs.

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