Everything in moderation.


I’ll be going out of town soon, the first time since I started my whole “cook at home” campaign.

While my goal has been to eat 100 percent of meals at home, I haven’t quite made it there yet. Sometimes I’m too tired. Other times we run out of food without finding time to make it to the store. Sometimes the kitchen just needs to be totally wiped down after being treated like a restaurant for days on end.

But for every meal that I can, and a lot of times when I’m forcefully resisting the urge to order out, we’ve been eating our meals at home. And when I do order out, I’ve tried to stick to ordering sandwiches or other small items from the same ethnic grocery stores where I shop, so I’m eating close to what I would prepare at home anyway.

This will be the first time since then where I will be tested out of town. It was inevitable, but I plan to maintain. It’s a matter of using the mantra: “Ditch the worst. Moderate the bad. Binge on the good”

I’m also planning to exercise every morning while I’m gone. No excuses.

See you when I get back from San Francisco. I’ll likely have some good pictures to share.

As for the scale: Two weeks ago I weighed 233.3 lbs. Today, I weigh 230.6 lbs.; a two-week loss of 2.7 lbs.

I was at my heaviest weight, 267 lbs., in August 2009. That’s a total loss of 36.4 lbs.

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