A simple way to make fruit less boring


This is a no-brainer post, but I though to write it anyway because I just figured this out and you might not have yet.

I’m trying to eat my daily requirements of fruits and vegetables and I’ve noticed a few things: 1) Buying fresh fruit everyday is expensive; 2) Too much fruit puts my sugar levels through the roof; 3) Eating a banana every day, day after day, is boring; 4) Same goes for apples.

I think I found the fix for my budget, raging sugar levels and soul-sucking monotony thought … FRUIT SALAD!!!

Duh, right? But it’s just something I made until a few weeks ago. I can use one fruit each between the wife and I and we can add as much variety as we want that way. Right now it’s been half each of a banana, orange and kiwi.

I want to recreate something from the Seabirds Truck one day and go banana, orange, blueberry and mint. And if I wanted to go bigger, all this would really need is some Greek yogurt and a bit of granola for a tasty breakfast, como el biĆ³nico.

The possibilities are endless, this I know, but I intend to discover as many tasty combinations as I can.

Speaking of which, what is your favorite fruit salad?

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