Freestyle meal: Arrachera rib-eye with caramelized onions


I’ve been trying to cut back on the beef lately, but I had a mad craving for a steak last week.

I planned on buying a grass-fed cut but the selection at the market was slim. I picked a thick-ish slab of well-marbled rib-eye from the other side of the meat case and went home to cook it up. But Nadia came home sick and needed soup, so I put it back in the fridge until all the soup was gone two days later.

Instead of searching for a recipe, I created something on the fly. Inspired by the flank steak made by Carlos Salgado at Taco Maria, I Googled up my own arrachera seasoning (which one, I can’t remember), gave the meat a good rub down and let it temper that way. Before I cooked it, I smeared the steak with a thin layer of olive oil and some salt and pepper.

Then, in a cast iron pan over medium-high heat, I seared it for 4 minutes per side. Remembering something I saw on Top Chef, I threw a pat of butter in the pan with some fresh thyme, spooning the herb-infused fat over the meat.

Once the meat was done, I deglazed the pan with sherry and caramelized an onion up in there.

Trying something new worked for me, so don’t be afraid to put together some techniques you might know, or some ingredients you have in the kitchen. You might whip up something unexpected and impressive.

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