Structure. I need structure.

I’m finally back to blogging after a wasted summer and a fall season spent on the campaign trail for my day job. In assessing what I’ve been missing in the “health” department, and when typing that headline, I truly heard my dad’s voice in my head.

But it’s a fact–I need structure. So, I’m building one:

Food: Back to basics. Nothing processed (a la Pop Tarts or plastic-wrapped pastries) and nothing heavier on carbs than protein. I’ve found that if I start my morning with an egg-based breakfast vs. cereal/oatmeal/fruit, I end up staying fuller much longer.

Instead of focusing on cooking Chef Brian’s meals, I’m taking all of the knowledge he’s given me and translating that into everyday meals. Cooking Light, Real Simple and the Food Network website have become great resources for easy recipes that can be prepared in a snap. I’m also going to increase my entree soup or salad intake as a way to reduce even more calories weekly.

The blog will still feature Chef’s recipes, though only once a week, or once every two weeks, as his winter plans are much busier than mine.

Exercise: It’s taken a long time in my relationship to get to this point, but my wife and I are finally on the same page about eating well and exercising. Today was the first morning together that we woke up before 6 a.m. to get to the gym. And every time I turned to look at her from my elliptical machine, I realized how much happier I was to have her in the gym, but especially in the gym with me.

Food has always been the focus of this blog, but I was mistaken to think I could lose all of my weight without putting in any effort.

We have to start hitting the gym, and, so long as we are adamant about packing lunches early and being prepared for the next day the night before, we can do it. But I’m going to take some advice that I found on a website she reads called BirchBox and ease into a routine slowly.

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