Correction … salads still suck, and a book report to come

The headline’s a joke, really not really … I don’t think salads suck anymore, but I am over them and ready to move on.

I hope to eventually cook both meals I skipped from the Week 29: Salads that don’t suck menu, but in the spirit of progress, I’m going to cook Chef Brian’s Week 30 menu this week. I’ll start posting it next week.

If you want to check out the delicious one I did cook, just follow the link for Week 29, Meal 1: Glazed salmon over spinach salad with mango, avocado and coconut-peanut dressing.

I’ll also have a review of a book that has been essential in my weight loss journey. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Another diet and exercise update: I didn’t want to record my weight this month because I didn’t want the added pressure. After getting back from Mexico and running face-first through the holidays I was 241 lbs (with clothes on at a doctor’s appointment on Dec. 29).

My friend Matty visited for five days after that and we didn’t eat too bad, but we definitely did not eat great. Jan. 3, the day he left, was the day I decided to stop passively failing and start actively accomplishing my goals. I was 239.9. On Friday when I weighed myself I was 233.2. I’m not going to weigh myself again until Feb. 1.

That being said, yesterday was not a day that helped any, lol. I had pizza (3 slices, Digiorno at a party) and ice cream. Also, In-N-Out (cheeseburger, not a double, no spread, but a whole order of fries). Today I will not have any of those things. I didn’t hit the gym yesterday because of knee pain and I’m going to take it easy today too. But instead of a Tuesday/Thursday gym schedule for the week, I’ll switch to Monday/Wednesday/Friday to make up for one of the lost days. I’m not going to exercise if it hurts, because I want to maintain long-term fitness and not burn out or injure myself in the short-term.

And though I’m taking a couple days off, I know physical activity is becoming habit now. Starting the first week of February, I plan to add weight training to the regimen. More on that later …

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