Week 25: Back to basics

Back in Week 10 of this blog, I titled my weigh-in post “I’m only one cheeseburger away from being a fat ass.” My weight then: 239.9 lbs.

Irony in it’s truest sense, as this week was the first week I went into “Emergency Fat Dude Mode” after stepping on the scale a week ago and seeing it read 243 lbs.

I freaked out because it was nearly a 10 lb. gain since my lowest low on the blog (234 lbs.) and a general reminder that resting on my laurels is not really an option because I’ll eat and eat and eat and do nothing, nothing, nothing for the benefit of my health.

Re-re-re-determined, I put on the shoes and got back to simple walks, racking up at least 30 minutes on most days, but as much as 55 minutes on a couple of days. Thankfully, my weight quickly decreased from the 240s to the 230s, but really, I’m hanging on by a thread.

It’s a reminder that I need to be in control of my good and bad habits if I ever want to achieve the goals I have set for myself. Which brings me to another realization I had last week.

In it’s simplest form, I really only have two jobs to do. The day job I have in communications and the night job I have as a blogger/exerciser.

I have the support of my wife on both fronts, so really, the only thing holding me back is me.

So, to break from that feeling, I’m pushing myself to be accountable 24/7 by logging things into My Fitness Pal. Counting calories worked for me in the past, but I didn’t have the healthy eating habits or kitchen know-how to maintain the weight loss. I’m still not the best at eating right or consistently exercising, but I have learned healthy habits from this blog and should be using them always.

Here’s what one day’s calorie log looks like for me:

According to MFP, sticking to about 1,800 calories will get me down 10 lbs. in five weeks, which is about right for healthy weight loss. I want to/need to lose this weight in this lull in my life between establishing a career and making a baby(ies — don’t tell my wife I pluralized that).

I used to use Calorie King software and was tied to a single computer, so logging my calories didn’t always work for me. With MFP, I can update the calories from any computer or even my cell phone. Pretty rad.

Hopefully, counting calories will help get me there. If I continue cooking and diary-ing, I should reach my goal weight and finish all 52 weeks of Fat Dude cooking in Spring 2012. Later than the November 2011 that I had hoped for, but I’m still here, I’m still learning, and, most importantly, I’m learning to improve.

As for the scale: Today I weigh 239.9 lbs. I started this blog weighing 258 lbs. That’s a total loss of 18.1 lbs.

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