Summer vacation

I can’t believe how fast summer is flying by.

I started June feeling super stressed out because I had hit a plateau. Defeated, I spent too much time sitting on my ass staring at the TV and eating junky food (nothing processed though, I’m still good with that).

The guilt and remorse finally ate at me enough that I started planning and plotting.

Short story shorter, I’m in the gym swimming and weight training. More on that later.

Chef Brian’s yummy dishes will return Aug. 2. Expect salmon, lamb and branzino on the grill, plus fresh Mex and Thai, too.

In the meantime, check out the spread below from Locale magazine. I drop in on their summer issue to piece together a pretty killer picnic basket from various Orange County restaurants and markets. The screen shot is below and if you want more Locale, be sure to check out

L8r sk8rs. K.I.T.

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