Fat Dude On A Diet: Quarter 1 report card

I knew my clothes were getting smaller and my body was getting thinner, but I didn’t realize how much has changed in these first three months until I compared close-ups from November to February.

I started this blog on Nov. 8 at 258 lbs. Today, I weighed in at 234.3, a total loss of 23.7 lbs.

My body mass index went from 39.6 to 36. I’m still considered obese, (under 30 is “overweight”, around 25 is the goal) but I’m nearly four points closer to being healthy than I was before, and that’s what matters most to me.

I’m down from the first loop on my belt to nearly the fourth, and I went from a tight 44-inch waist to a loose 42. Unfortunately, losing weight doesn’t make you any taller, lol.

I set out to prove that you didn’t need to belong to a gym or eat a restricted diet to lose weight. I thought consistent exercise and common sense healthy eating paired with portion control would do the trick. That strategy is working.

Not too long ago, I was a processed food junkie who sucked down soda, burgers and anything fried. I knew I was killing myself by letting my love for fattening food and the comfort it provided get the best of me to the point where it was detrimental to my health.

My doctor told me that my back pain would never go away if I didn’t lose weight. She said the weight would destroy my knees next. I’m no dummy — next comes diabetes, heart disease, etc.

So I decided to really give this weight loss thing another go. It wasn’t the first time, but I pumped myself up enough into believing this would be the last. Writing this now, I’m more confident in that statement than I was three months ago.

I’m learning the value of healthy choices and portion control. I still eat pizza. Brownies. Tacos. But if I eat out, I stick to places using non-processed ingredients, and I eat within reason. It used to be, quality was in the quantity. Now, quality is quality.

As for the scale: Honestly, I expected to gain this week. Instead, I lost 1.1 lbs.

I’ve been struggling to catch up with my cooking schedule — I’m behind a few days — but I have been trying to keep portion control and calories in mind when preparing quick meals at home, or more often, eating out at restaurants.

My exercise was sporadic last week too. I’m trying not to make excuses. I just realize sometimes life gets busy. I failed on weight loss multiple times before because when life got busy, I gave up. Now, I’m confident that I can get through the busy parts by making reasonable choices, and resume my cooking/walking plans once things calm down.

Over the next three months, my goals are to get better at planning/executing prep work, become more organized in the kitchen so I can be faster when cooking, and go to sleep at a reasonable hour so I can wake up early, ready to exercise.

I want to end this first quarterly report by saying thank you to all of the people who have followed along on this project. I had the determination to lose weight when I started, but to have so many people following this journey has been a blessing. It keeps me inspired, and I’m truly grateful for that.

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