I need a vacation, so I’m taking one

Part of being healthy is realizing when you need a break.

Yesterday, I realized the slow cooker meals were slowly killing me. I haven’t had the time to prep all week, and because you need 8 hrs. to cook the meals, it’s really thrown off my schedule, especially because I’ve been sleeping in later this week than I usually do because I’m beat.

So, I’m going to take that break today. I may even grab a burger for lunch and enjoy the day off.

Tomorrow will be free day, but I’ll cook Week 9, Meal 2: Cuban pork with rice and beans for posting on Sunday, and we’ll have Week 9, Meal 3: Beef short ribs on Monday.

Tuesday will be the weigh in for Week 10 (double digits finally!) and the recipes for Week 10: Funky fusion. Then cooking next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Damn, that doesn’t seem like much of a break at all. Oh well! See you on Sunday friends!

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2 thoughts on “I need a vacation, so I’m taking one”

  1. Niyaz was good. He ate half a burger and pronounced himself stuffed. And believe me…the gourmet burgers we were enjoying aren’t easy to say no to!

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