Where should I eat on free day?

Tomorrow is my first day of non-healthy eating, and I’m wondering if you guys have any suggestions on where I should go and spend my free calories.

I’m planning on starting the day at the farmers market, and I know I’ll end up at Medieval Times for dinner, but I have no plans for the in-between time.

I’m kind of thinking Bruxie, but who knows where the day will take me.

Regardless, I’ve got 51 more free days after this one (or 50? Who’s really counting, right?) so where should I go?

Recommendations in L.A., O.C. and San Diego would work.

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8 thoughts on “Where should I eat on free day?”

  1. I don’t know if you heard, but here in Orange, we have the country’s first Denny’s Cafe… But, really, I’ve lately been a big fan of Sushilicious. Well worth a cheat day.

    1. HAHAHAHA. Totally spending my morning at Denny’s Cafe, lol.

      I’m definitely doing Bruxie, hearing too much about it not to try at least. They have a “Chicken & Waffle” waffle.

      And I’ve heard sushilicious is good too, but I’m going to save that one for a healthy day when I just don’t want to cook.

  2. I think Pee Wee’s Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers is a pretty good place for a cheat day, maybe head to In-N-Out to get a 4×4 burger with fries and both in animal style that’s washed down with a Neapolitan milkshake.

    Or you can just spend most of your day in IKEA.

      1. Their Hawaiian dog is pretty good, although when I had it the bread got soggy fast and broke apart on me while I ate it but it was still delicious.

        I really liked their onion rings, there’s a nice balance between the breading and the onion–not too much and not too little.

        I also heard that they revamped their supreme chili dog is inside the actual baguette instead of on it so it avoids the soggy bread issue, think of something like a Hot Pocket, I heard that was good as well.

  3. It’s too late for week one, but I suggest you hit up Iva Lee’s in San Clemente for your free day. The southern cuisine there is to freaking die for — order the pork chops if they’re still on the menu, and start off with their French-onion soup. The Jack Daniels bread pudding for dessert is the bomb.

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